The projects of Forum Cooperazione e Tecnologia are part of a comprehensive strategy. The common objective of our projects is to link the main axis of sustainability, environmental sustainability, with social and economical sustainability. We aim to reconstruct the social cohesion connections between different actors in the project area, by encouraging them to take up responsibility in consumption and lifestyles, to implement collaborative practices and to move toward innovative systems of ‘local and sustainable economy’.

To this end Forum Cooperazione e Tecnologia revises and then implements approaches that consider ethics and cooperation as decisive axes for the organizational development of a ‘social enterprise’ and that see a ‘social report’ as a method both to ‘monitor’ and enhance its relational systems.

When proposing innovative strategies and methods for the creation of new social values, we are well aware the method we use also affects the results and the social infrastructures. The co-planning Networks and Tables for example, are most successful in making people’s relationship with ‘public affairs’ more continuous, when there are participatory public policies that correspond to them. For this reasons, Forum Cooperazione e Tecnologia devotes specific attention to this objective in its interventions.

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