NetLearning is collaborative learning through the web. For us it both refers to a network of people who work together as well as the internet based technologies that are used to facilitate their learning process.

The learning communities can be of different types: formal or informal, professional, related to a specific sector, connected to a school or University, consisting of actors for local development, associations, public administrations, etc. In a network the learning processes regards explicit and tacit knowledge, social and collaborative relationships, interactive creation and negotiation on the ‘significati di riferimento’.

NetLearning requires the participation of experts and assistants, with the task to regulate and encourage the learning process. That is, they which means: their scope is to manage the set of activities in order to generate shared results and learning outcomes.

Forum Cooperazione e Tecnologia has conducted many educational activities over the years, promoting the use of ‘sustainable’ NetLearning technologies and developing evaluation and monitoring tools for the learning processes.

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