Each single project of Forum Cooperazione e Tecnologia involves a wide range of Social Cooperatives, Public Administrations and Associations that share common objectives related to environmental sustainability and the requalification and ‘greening’ of agriculture. In addition, they aim to encourage citizens to move towards more responsible consumption and lifestyles and to stimulate the Local Administrations to develop environmentally sustainable public policies.

To manage these projects we use participatory methods that are based on an approach that takes in to account three key elements:

1) the self-organization of social groups in networks;
2) the realization of ‘public places’ of direct democracy for a ‘regulated’ dialogue between self-organized social sectors, ‘skilled’ citizens and representatives of public bodies;
3) a non-exclusive role of the ‘political arena’ , in the sense of structures of ‘representative democracy’

The framework we propose for these research-action interventions consists in setting up programs for sustainable development. We aim to create territorial learning processes, which involve local actors (from individual citizens to associations) in a collaborative way.

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